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Upon receiving the Award of Excellence from the Mexican American Cultural Center in Austin, Ender was asked to do a solo exhibition at the museum; then the COVID-19 pandemic happened. 

Translating Ender's art work to a virtual environment is a monumental challenge. There is absolutely no best substitute for experiencing Ender's work than doing it in person.  Each one of Ender's pieces allow for deep interaction to happen with each step and movement the viewer makes.   That said, art is about creating an experience, and the virtual environment can also allow for interesting experiences to take place.

Veintiuno is a collaboration of Ender Martos with Tiburon Transmedia, a boutique creative agency established by media makers Sergio Carvajal-Leoni and Romina Olson.  The exhibition includes three custom video stories that provide a thematic and chronological context for Ender's work. The footage used in the videos has been gathered throughout more than a decade of collaboration between these three artists, which includes the production of the infamous miniseries El Gallo and the Texan Italian film Tiramisu for Two.

Sergio and Ender have known each other for 21 years, when they both arrived to Austin, Texas as young immigrants.  They are both alumni of the University of Texas at Austin.
About Veintiuno


Ender's work has always been a celebration of diversity. To further play with that idea within a virtual environment, we enlisted the help of other 21 Venezuelan immigrants who live in Texas.  By showing the extreme diversity that exists within the Venezuelan diaspora, the creators of Veintiuno sought to challenge the still-prevalent stereotype that "Hispanics" or "Latinos" are one simple monolithic group.

All of the beautiful people shown here are artists, entrepreneurs, chefs, intellectuals and hard working individuals who are bettering American society.  You can learn more about them by visiting Ender's Instagram page.

This exhibition also honors the life of Luis Centeno, a wonderful and brilliant human being, husband and father, who sadly left us on the year 2021.   He is one of the faces featured in the exhibition. Luis, you will be greatly missed. 
About Faces
The Macc


Mexican American Cultural Center
We'd like to acknowledge the contributions of the City of Austin and its Mexican American Cultural Center in the creation of this virtual exhibition.  

We encourage you to visit Ender's celebrated sculpture "Graceful Celebration of Diversity" at the MACC premises, also accessible through the lady Bird Lake Bike and Trail.  Please exercise proper social distancing and covid guidelines when interacting with piece and taking pictures.  Also make sure to share your pictures using the hashtag #21Veintiuno21.

Watch the video below to see Olivia Tamzarian, their program director, provide more info about the MACC and share her thoughts on the work of Ender Martos.

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