Ender Martos’ artwork plays with color schemes with the intention to create a harmonious effect that engages the eye as much as it engages the mind. Martos says, “Light interacts with the translucent material, traveling through space and creating a sense of movement appearing to vibrate or even twist with each step”.

Dual Art Show featuring Ender Martos and Jen Pack at Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art Gallery 


Visual Artists Austin based Ender Martos and Albuquerque based Jen Pack to exhibit their latest artwork and to collaborate on a site-specific installation for this summer’s solstice in Dallas.

Alumnus UT-Austin Martos and ArtCenter-Pasadena Pack have been selected to showcase a fusion of their identities (Martos - Venezuelan-Texan and Pack - Korean-Caucasian) via a unique temporary installation and through their latest artwork at the prestigious Gallery Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art.

This exhibition titled “Tethered Reflections” will have a reception for the artists on June 29th from 5:00 to 8:30 pm. Martos’ and Pack’s newest collection comprises works that blur the line between sculpture and painting, which they have created by expressing their dialog with different mediums including materials such as wood, fabric, thread, commercial colored mirrored Plexiglas, monofilament fiber, and aluminum.         

Ender Martos’ latest series is a retrospective of his upbringing in South America and his adult experiences in Austin, Texas. “Color is an organic event that I perceived as a euphoric connection to my childhood and as a constant reverberation in my everyday life. I forge structural shapes that emulate the methodical U.S. society with translucent and vibrant reflective surfaces that arise out of my colored experiences living in Venezuela. The dialogue of optic structure revealed the elegance of temperamental peaks upon which I lived; in which no crease or violent drop are a random occurrence, but the precise byproduct of a natural force that is expressed.”

Jen Pack’s most recent work affirms a subtly-energetic, continuous intersection between her assumptive Korean heritage and her prolific artistic life in the West Coast and in the Southwest. “I work within a cultural framework…this is particularly salient for a bi-cultural artist such as myself because no culture is ''pure.” I am in fact assembling my own identity through the process of making work.” She encourages a discussion of identity construction as unconfined by ethnic or racial blending - rather, she sees it as an integration of gendered traits, a contrasted longing for urban and rural spaces, and an acknowledgment of intersecting qualities.

Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art was established in 2009 by Allan Simmons & Lindsey Carneal. For almost 10 years they have represented artists from all over North America specializing in Texas and West Coast artists and focusing on contemporary art in all media. Their primary mission & commitment is to promote and serve clients’ art needs with the highest level of ethics and professionalism, making contemporary art accessible to the public eye through exhibitions and educational events, and fostering an environment where the arts flourish and enhance the experience within residences and public spaces in the metropolitan areas of Dallas.

When asked about participation in the dual show, Martos states; “I am excited to collaborate with Jen Pack to activate the gallery space with an exceptional art installation to contribute to the gallery’s mission in the provocative Dallas art market.”

Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art is located in the heart of the Dallas Design District at 1415 Slocum St. Ste. 105 Dallas, TX 75207.

For more information please contact: Maria Arabbo

email: mlarabbo@gmail.com

phone: 617.780.9143