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Venezuelan Diversity and Kinetic Art Movement
Plenty has been said about Venezuela lately, and most of it has been quite negative.  However, there was a time when Venezuela was the envy of the world, a place with relentless and perfect weather that welcomed immigrants from all other nations with open arms. 

From this very unique place, a very interesting art movement emerged in the 60's, commanded by the likes of Soto, Cruz-Diez, Gego and Otero.    

Watch video to learn how my first 21 years in Venezuela had an influence on
my art.
There are seven pieces chosen for this room, which comprise both large installations and small sculptures.   We have grouped these pieces together as I believe they are all coming from the same place in my heart, meaning, they are all influenced by my experience with Venezuelan diversity and my studies of the Kinetic Art movement of masters such as Gego, Soto and Cruz-Diez.

Visit the Smithsonian link to get more information about each piece and enjoy the different educational resources they offer.  


Enjoy some extra curated content to give you a bit more  context about the themes and artists that we are discussing in this room.

Scroll down to watch some beautiful documentaries about the masters of the Venezuelan Kinetic Art movement.  Take a look at the gorgeous pictures of the Paramo of Merida by Ronal Romero, as well as videos created by independent producers about Venezuela and the city of Merida.

If you are interested in practicing your Spanish,  you can also watch below the room video without subtitles.