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As hard as it is to show my work on a 2D/computer environment, I do hope you enjoy looking at these photographs of my pieces.   They provide a completely different experience to the one of walking in front of them; however, I also feel they have their own kind of charm.   

This work was grouped together as I feel they all share one commonality, I think they exist only because I am an immigrant. had I never left my country, I doubt these pieces would have ever come to life. 

Visit the Smithsonian link to get more information about each piece and enjoy the different educational resources they offer.

You may also visit the shop section for limited series prints of these photographs



The Immigrant Experience
Recently, I reached the point where I had lived more time in the United States, than I had lived in Venezuela.  I actually feel it.   At this point, I am as much "Texan" as I am Venezuelan.   In other words, as the great Facundo Cabral once said, "I'm not from here, and i"m not from there".

Watch video to learn more about the impact that the last 21 years living in Austin had in my life and artistic dialogue.
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I have to admit that the past 21 years have been quite eventful.  I close my eyes and I feel I have lived 21 different life times during that same period.  Paradoxically, it all feels that it happened also quite fast.  Sometimes I feel as if it was yesterday, that I was an early twenties kid checking out Sergio's band when he played on 6th Street.

Sergio was the first friend I made in Austin twenty one years ago, and one of the only other Venezuelans I know that made the radical decision of pursuing his artistic passions, despite of the many challenges that we had as newly arrived immigrants 

Check out below a special film I made with Sergio, 14 years ago, when we were both students of the University of Texas.  You can also enjoy some of his film work, including the first episode of the El Gallo series and the film Tiramisu For Two, projects where I worked as Art director.