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I have always had an aptitude for design and technical drawing.
Growing up, I found satisfaction in crafting perfect lines and geometric shapes, and making their presentation clean and accessible. 

I dropped out of architecture school to become a visual artist.
I realized I saw the world through a different lens.   

My pieces seek to open your mind and heart.
I want you to live an active experience as you walk around them. 
I want this experience to affect your sight, mind and soul.
I want this experience to make you question reality.  

There are no best ways to enjoy my art pieces.
You can take them for what they are, complex geometric shapes that blend color and mathematics.  
Or you can dig deeper inside their layers, and let each line take you to another place within the cosmos of your subsconcious. 
Ancla 1
Our reflections are fascinating.  This is why our world is filled with mirrors and reflecting surfaces, we truly cant get enough of looking at ourselves.  Few other experiences are as profoundly personal and mystical, such as the one of looking directly into your own eyes.  Who is that person on the other side? Is it yourself or is it simply a visual illusion?  What reality is displayed on the other side? Is it the same as this reality? 

I chose to include metal, and reflective surfaces for this particular series.  I wanted viewers to be a part of each piece, and see themselves within the array of shapes and colors that I'm providing as context. 
This ongoing series includes both circular and rectangular pieces of different colors and sizes.  I am happy that Reflections has connected extremely well with collectors from all over the world and has lately come to define my art work. 




When we are born, light and movement are some of the first elements that we can perceive through our eyes.   I wanted to make a series that paid homage to these fundamental forces in nature.  I believe the result of my exploration has yielded a group of colorful pieces that connect with viewers at a primal level. I have seen people feel excited to interact with the pieces, just as if they were kids looking at the world for the very first time.

I chose to work with translucent materials such as monofilament and acrylic, to experiment with how light enters and travels through the geometrical shapes I'm creating, and dances with the colors that I am carefully curating and positioning.
The Luz & Movimiento series was first unveiled in Austin, Texas and has been purchased by collectors from different cities ever since.



Luz y movimiento-09.jpg


Luz y movimiento
Coming from a seemingly chaotic place such as Venezuela, I have always found structure and order rather appealing.  I am not alone.  I am merely walking in the footsteps of Venezuelan kinetic art Masters Jesus Soto, Carlos Cruz-Diez and Alejandro Otero. These legendary artists were also obssesed with structure and systems, and used their obsession to create daring spontaneous pieces.

For these series, I experiment with new materials and techniques to create sleek 3d wall pieces and sculptures.   Estructura & Desafio is one of my most succesful series.  Most of the work is currently sold out and only available through secondary market.




Estructura y desafío
We live in tumultuous times where change is the only constant. 
The line between artificial and organic is being blurred as you read this. Can you trust your own eyes to tell you what comes from nature, and what has been fabricated by human kind? Is it even important to know the difference?

I am currently developing my new series Paradigm Shift. It will be first presented in Fort Worth, Texas in September 2022.  I will be working with new materials and tools such as lenticular printing.