Ender Martos’ artwork plays with color schemes with the intention to create a harmonious effect that engages the eye as much as it engages the mind. Martos says, “Light interacts with the translucent material, traveling through space and creating a sense of movement appearing to vibrate or even twist with each step”.

Artist Statement

I use geometry, repetition, color and volume to create dynamic, visually striking work that shifts as viewers move around it. The effect relies on the meticulous layering of fluorescent colors and oscillating, rhythmic line-work that reveals as it occludes, changing the scene with every step viewers take. As reality changes in the viewer’s eye, perception itself becomes visible, revealing the fluid nature of reality. The pieces themselves don’t change; the viewer’s vantage point does.

            The spatial relationship between viewer and object draws from my transnational story. Migration is change and contrast, but it’s also connection and sameness. I draw from my experience in hyper-structured U.S. society and the rich, organic and vibrant fragility of Venezuela, my home country. My dual immersion inspired the contrast and connection that make optical illusion possible in my work. My work is deeply influenced by my upbringing in the Andes of Venezuela. The language of structure was revealed to me through the elegance of the temperamental mountain peaks I grew up; where each crease and is the precise expression of natural force. While my early artistic foundation stemmed from five years of technical drawing in Merida, Venezuela, my academic experiences at the University of Texas germinated the idea for relocating the lines of my structural drawings and rich colors into three-dimensional forms.     

            Interactivity is at the core of the work, but its construction is entirely analog. I use Plexiglas, monofilament, acrylics and aluminum, and meticulously engineer each piece. I arrange the translucent filament so light travels in, through and out, creating a sense of movement. Most of my artworks rely on precise rhythm, light, polychromatic lines, shapes and spaces. My most recent work explores the reflective surfaces as a means for connection between artist, artwork, and audience. By incorporating colored mirror Plexiglas, I include the audience’s likeness in the work. My story becomes theirs as viewers experience the tension between their familiar image and the visual richness of the work as it changes.

            In this current work, I aim to test the boundaries of authorship, belonging, perspective and the self as narrative. Who does perspective belong to? How does our vantage point change what we experience? And, finally, what happens when our own identities are part of the equation?


Curriculum Vitae


The University of Texas at Austin                                                                       Austin, TX

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Studio Art


2018 High Plateau 1st Anniversary, Building 98, Marfa, TX, An Artist Platform Exhibiting during Chinati Weekend.

West Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX. Form in Color a collaborative installation made up of a digital animator, experimental architect, and Optical Artist.

2017 Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, SCOPE, Miami Beach, FL. One of the largest global art fairs in the world.

High Plateau Opening, Building 98, Marfa, TX. An Art, Object & Design Curated Shop during Chinati Weekend.

Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, Art on 5th Gallery, Austin, TX. A National Contest to discover the Next Prominent Name in Visual Arts.

Pop-up Exhibition/Designer Showcase, East Side Collective, Austin, TX. A Curated Group Exhibition of Local Artists.

2016        Planos Convergentes, Galeria Ethra, Mexico City, A group show of 4 International Artists.

                Three Older Artworks, Ballroom Building 98, Marfa, TX. Chinati Foundation 30-year Anniversary Weekend.

                Home Away from Home, Tiburon Transmedia, Austin, TX. A Night of Music, Films, Visual Arts, Good People & Ideas.

                Fantasy & Reality, Georgetown Art Center, Georgetown, TX. An Exhibition of Utopian & Dystopian.

                 Changarrito Projects, Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX. Selection from Collection 2015-2016.

                 10-year Anniversary, Irreversible, Chicago, IL. A group Show of 20 International Artists.

                 Materials MatterCamiba Art, Austin, TX. Texas Society of Sculptors Open Call Exhibit.

                 Art Boca Raton Art Fair, Irreversible Projects, Boca Raton, FL. Curated Group Exhibition.

2015       Spectrum Art Fair, Irreversible Projects, Miami, FL. Curated Group Exhibition.

    Movember 2015, Monterrey, Mexico. Movimiento para generar consciencia y lograr un impacto social positivo en nuestro entorno.

                East Austin Studio Show, Austin, TX. City wide art tour of Studios.

                Luz y Movimiento, Camiba Art, Austin, TX. Ender Martos Solo Exhibition.

                Almost Nothing, Northern-Southern, Austin, TX.  An exhibition of ontological ambiguity.

                Big Ass Canvas, Austin, TX. A group show of local Austin artists.

                Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX. Changarrito with Ender Martos.

                Five x Seven, The Contemporary, Austin, TX. An annual fundraiser and art sale.

2014       ausTEN, Camiba Art, Austin, TX. A group show of ten Austin artists.

               East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX. City wide art tour of studios.

               Five x Seven, The Contemporary, Austin, TX. An annual fundraiser and art sale.

               Celebrates Texas Art, Assistance League, Houston, TX. Juried by Rock Hushka.

2013       Five x Seven, The Contemporary, Austin, TX. An annual fundraiser and art sale.

2012       East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX. City wide art tour of studios.

               Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, TX.  Juried by Robin Clark.

2010      Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, TX.  Juried by John Zarobell.

2008      Hunting Art Prize, Decorative Center of Houston, Houston, TX.  Invitational.

               Senior Art Exhibition, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX.

2007      Hunting Art Prize, Decorative Center of Houston, Houston, TX.  Invitational.

2006      Glee, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX.

2004      28th Annual Student Art Exhibition, Julia C. Butridge Gallery, Austin, TX.

Art Residencies

2016    Artist Residency Exhibition:  "Luz, Color & Movimiento", Building 98 former Fort D.A. Russell, Marfa, TX, created (monofilament, enamel, and Plexiglas) Sculpture.


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Work Experience

2014-current  Armonía Spaces LLC, Austin, TX, Owner

2010-2011       El Gallo, Production Design

Facundo International’s El Gallo is an independent miniseries that contemplates Mexican culture here in the United States.  It follows the adventures of Pepe Kid and his magic rooster as he searches for his true identity.  As part of the production team, I designed props, movie sets, and wardrobe.


Regional finalist 2017 for Bombay Sapphire Artisans Series.

Finalist in both 2007 and 2008 Hunting Art Prize invitational shows.