Ender Martos’ artwork plays with color schemes with the intention to create a harmonious effect that engages the eye as much as it engages the mind. Martos says, “Light interacts with the translucent material, traveling through space and creating a sense of movement appearing to vibrate or even twist with each step”.

Biography - Summary

The Optic Dialogues of artist Ender Martos uses acrylic paints on plexiglass or wood panel to combine sculpture with paintings in a colorful and almost musical marriage. Martos studied technical drawing, which would inevitably deeply inform his artistic career, lending him his signature precision and the geometries that are present in each of his works. His highly detailed paintings utilize a distinctive repetition of oscillating lines, kaleidoscopic colors, and symmetry in a deliberate and calculated attempt to create illusions within each piece. In this way, Martos invites his works into a new dimension of interpretation, playing with light and perception to create senses of movement and chaos.

Martos’s works are heavily influenced by his hometown in Venezuela. Living near the Andes Mountains, Martos was exposed early on to a diverse world of bright, invigorating colors, and to the majestic and erratic personality of nature. “I like the idea of activating places with color and geometry, the same way my feelings and emotions were awakened when I was a boy.” Through his careful and elaborate constructions, Martos does just this with excitingly illusive and optical properties.


Curriculum Vitae


The University of Texas at Austin                                                                       Austin, TX

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Studio Art


2016        Planos Convergentes, Galeria Ethra, Mexico City, A group show of 4 International Artists.

                Three Older Artworks, Ballroom Building 98, Marfa, TX. Chinati Foundation 30-year Anniversary                 Weekend.

                Home Away from Home, Tiburon Transmedia, Austin, TX. A Night of Music, Films, Visual Arts,                     Good People & Ideas.

                Fantasy & Reality, Georgetown Art Center, Georgetown, TX. An Exhibition of Utopian &                               Dystopian.

                 Changarrito Projects, Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX. Selection from Collection 2015-2016.

                 10-year Anniversary, Irreversible, Chicago, IL. A group Show of 20 International Artists.

                 Materials MatterCamiba Art, Austin, TX. Texas Society of Sculptors Open Call Exhibit.

                 Art Boca Raton Art Fair, Irreversible Projects, Boca Raton, FL. Curated Group Exhibition.

2015       Spectrum Art Fair, Irreversible Projects, Miami, FL. Curated Group Exhibition.

    Movember 2015, Monterrey, Mexico. Movimiento para generar consciencia y lograr un impacto     social positivo en nuestro entorno.

                East Austin Studio Show, Austin, TX. City wide art tour of Studios.

                Luz y Movimiento, Camiba Art, Austin, TX. Ender Martos Solo Exhibition.

                Almost Nothing, Northern-Southern, Austin, TX.  An exhibition of ontological ambiguity.

                Big Ass Canvas, Austin, TX. A group show of local Austin artists.

                Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX. Changarrito with Ender Martos.

                Five x Seven, The Contemporary, Austin, TX. An annual fundraiser and art sale.

2014       ausTEN, Camiba Art, Austin, TX. A group show of ten Austin artists.

               East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX. City wide art tour of studios.

               Five x Seven, The Contemporary, Austin, TX. An annual fundraiser and art sale.

               Celebrates Texas Art, Assistance League, Houston, TX. Juried by Rock Hushka.

2013       Five x Seven, The Contemporary, Austin, TX. An annual fundraiser and art sale.

2012       East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX. City wide art tour of studios.

               Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, TX.  Juried by Robin Clark.

2010      Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, TX.  Juried by John Zarobell.

2008      Hunting Art Prize, Decorative Center of Houston, Houston, TX.  Invitational.

               Senior Art Exhibition, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX.

2007      Hunting Art Prize, Decorative Center of Houston, Houston, TX.  Invitational.

2006      Glee, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX.

2004      28th Annual Student Art Exhibition, Julia C. Butridge Gallery, Austin, TX.

Art Residencies

2016      Artist Residency Exhibition:  "Luz, Color & Movimiento", Building 98 former Fort D.A. Russell,                       Marfa, TX, created (monofilament, enamel, and Plexiglas) Sculpture.


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Work Experience

2014-current  Armonía Spaces LLC, Austin, TX, Owner

2010-2011       El Gallo, Production Designe

Facundo International’s El Gallo is an independent miniseries that contemplates Mexican culture here in the United States.  It follows the adventures of Pepe Kid and his magic rooster as he searches for his true identity.  As part of the production team, I designed props, movie sets, and wardrobe.


Finalist in both 2007 and 2008 Hunting Art Prize invitational shows.