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Paradigm Shift - Coming soon

So, I got some exciting news.

I have been working on finishing my new series, Paradigm Shift.

I will be debuting this work on September 2022 in Fort Worth, Texas, in collaboration with the nice folks of Artspace111

For Paradigm Shift I've been experimenting with new materials, processes and shapes to create very interesting optical experiences that I find very exciting. In all honesty, I cant wait to show everyone this new work, I think that it is a great step forward in the evolution of my art.

More information about opening coming soon, please stay tuned.

I will try to also share some process pictures and early photos of work later this year.

Special thanks to Romina Olson for the interesting picture that we're using to promote the series. I'm adding a few other pictures from that same photo shoot that I think came out quite nice!

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