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Uneven Balance, Now

Uneven Balance, Now is the unexpected harmonious interaction of two distinct visual expressions in a specific moment in time — here and now. It encompasses an explosion of divine organization found in Fagerberg’s organic compositions and Martos’ orderly structure within premeditated and unforeseen symmetry. In this exhibition, the viewer’s presence is the key, the final ingredient bringing the artwork’s concepts to life.

In this exhibition, balance is found everywhere. It’s in the even distribution of the artwork in the space, the complementarity of the artists’ work, and even in the parallels between their cultural backgrounds. Natural elements — such as light, lenticular and reflective surfaces — interact with colorful monofilaments in Martos’ work, playing with the absence of color in Fagerberg’s pieces.The high-contrast tension that results defies the bidimensional inherent qualities of the work.

The viewer is at the center of the experience of Uneven Balance, Now. The viewer’s conscious presence connects the unexpected harmony in the artwork to the universal, but never replicable, context of the viewer’s perception in the here and now.

Big thanks to the team at Ellio Fine Art: Trish, Harwood, Abigale, Brian and everyone else for believing in me and giving me the chance to bring this show to Ya’ll.

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