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As we give the final touches to the Rebirth of Technology sculpture, we decided it was time to launch, a new room inside this same website entirely dedicated to this piece.

I will be soon adding more pictures of the finished piece, which we expect to finalize in mid February 2022. I am beyond excited about how it's turning out; every one has done such an amazing work. I feel truly blessed to have had the chance to collaborate with such a talented group of human beings to get this sculpture finished and installed. Big kudos definitely go HPE's team, including Tracy, Demetrio, all the way to their CEO Antonio Neri. They have an incredible and exciting vision for their new Headquarters in Texas, and I am just humbled by having given the opportunity to be a part of their journey.

We are working on finishing the Rebirth of Technology's Artist Statement Video, which we plan on releasing on March 19th 2022. This video statement will be used as my formal presentation of the piece to the public; It will include footage of the unique process of creation of Rebirth of Technology, as well as different reflections on what the piece means to me. For those who enjoyed my Veintiuno virtual exhibition, definitely stay tuned for this new epic video story. :)

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