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Thank you for visiting my intergalactic home site. 
Scroll down to enjoy some of the art work, relevant news/events and personal reflections. You can also enter my celebrated virtual exhibition "Veintiuno".
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"Lines strung in complex geometric patterns,
like the psychedelic webs of spiders
high on mescaline and mathematics"

Robert Faires, Austin Chronicle. 
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Ender Martos is an Award Winning artist that resides in Austin, Texas.
He is best known for creating impactful sensory experiences of optical movement that engage the viewer's curiosity and perception.

Ender was born in Merida, a city located in the Venezuelan Andes.
Ender believes having grown up in one of the most diverse countries on earth had a profound impact on his work.
Ender is considered a new representative of the Venezuelan kinetic art movement started by masters Jesus Soto, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Gego and Alejandro Otero.

Martos's colorful three-dimensional installations have been celebrated all over the world.  His work has been exhibited in Chicago, Mexico City, Monterrey, Miami, Houston, Marfa, Georgetown, Austin, and others.
Ender's public art installations have been commissioned by multiple transnational corporations (Facebook/Meta, etc), as well as cities and municipalities.

Ender earned a degree in Fine Arts from The University of Texas at Austin. 

He is currently represented by Ellio Fine Art in Houston, Texas, Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art Gallery in Dallas, TX, Artspace111 in Fort Worth.

Push buttons below to learn more about Ender's artwork.
Scroll down to visit Ender's celebrated anthology virtual exhibition Veintiuno.


My world is constantly changing; My work is in a nonstop state of evolution.
Below are some of the different series I have released in recent years.
Contact me to get an updated list of my available pieces.
Available Work


November 4-19, 2023
@ Canopy Projects - AU, TX.
Upcoming Shows
I am fascinated with connections and interconnections.
I live at the intersection between structure and spontaneity.


I am constantly working with cities, municipalities and transnational corporations to fill the world with art.   I truly enjoy creating massive interactive pieces that become cultural icons and touch the hearts and minds of many. 
Public space art


Veintiuno is a virtual exhibition created in collaboration with artists Romina Olson and Sergio Carvajal-Leoni.
Veintiuno showcases an anthology of my work, split in three thematic rooms that represent past, present and future.
Enjoy this unique experience and make sure to sign the guestbook and visit gift shop.
"Ultimately, everything that's included in the exhibition has something illuminating to say." - Robert Faires - Austin Chronicle


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