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What should be the ideal role of technology in our lives?
Scroll down to learn more about the breathtaking sculpture
by Ender Martos at the Hewlett Packard Enterprise headquarters.
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The Covid pandemic forced us to rethink our relationship with Technology, Nature and Art.  What role should they play in our lives and how should they coexist with each other?
This piece is my open invitation for you to actively join that conversation.   It represents a balance of these three essential forces that ultimately shape the human experience and determine our future on this planet.  

This piece exists thanks to the vision of the Hewlett Packard Enterprises team and their CEO Antonio Neri. They took a chance on me and provided the opportunity to bring this amazing project to fruition. 

Enjoy pictures of process below and scroll down to learn more about the talented Texan companies that collaborated on Rebirth of Technology.


Emerging as a gifted sensory artist, Ender Martos provokes his viewers to consider the spectrum of the human experience, and invites those experiencing his art to find themselves on that spectrum.

Born in the Andes of Venezuela, Martos now resides in Austin, Texas, where his art has been commissioned by world-shaping corporations.

His powerful works demand self-reflection: What is passion vs obsession? Is the waking twilight of moving color the same as we witnessed emerging from our mothers’ wombs? How does one explore meaning and humanity in light, color, movement? His cerebral, three-dimensional works promise the invoking of curiosity, securing Martos as a rising star in the kinetic art field.

Artist description by Ellio Fine Art

Rebirth of Technology Team

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Metalab studio is a multidisciplinary design firm and licensed architecture practice located in Houston, Texas. They specialize in three areas of practice: Architecture, Product Design, and Public Art Project Management.   Metalab Studio was responsible for managing the creation process of Rebirth of Technology and taking the piece from its schematic design phase, to design development, construction and installation.
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Tiburón Transmedia is a boutique creative-communications agency established in Austin, Texas.  They specialize in custom storytelling, artist development and original content creation.   Tiburón documented the construction process of Rebirth and Technology and played a crucial role in designing the conceptual framework for the piece, overseeing the schematic design phase and the content of Ender's pitch presentations.
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Located in Houston, Texas, ELLIO Fine Art gallery features paintings, sculpture, photography and prints from artists throughout the United States and Europe.  Ellio Fine Art currently represents the sales of Ender Martos’ artwork in the Houston Metropolitan area.  ELLIO's founder Trish Matute is directly responsible for bringing Rebirth of Technology to existence, brokering the deal and executive producing the piece’s creation. 
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Foundation, electrical, various construction services.

Escobedo Group

Matt Escovedo - Limestone and Corten steel fabrication.

Laser Masters
Gilbert Freitag/Mike Doll - Metal sourcing, cutting and fabrication.

Merge Studios
Bob Martin - Installation.

Post Studios Project
Kim Cook - Acrylic tile production.

SWA Group
Darren Sharkey - Landscaping.
New Aspect Design
Clint Allen - Light Design, programming and installation.

Sutton Corrosion Control

Beto Marin - Schematic Design Phase Consulting.

DA3 Design
Diego Alejandro Araujo - AmezquitaSchematic Design Drafting.
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